Whether on your own or in a group, a charter is usually regarded as the best way to go fishing. We have finished our boat work and will be running our first trip on Saturday, February 3rd. Bass: Guide Brad Fowler reports that in January the best bet is to target deep water with drop shot rigs, underspins, jigging spoons or football jigs. In this article, we are going to walk you through some of the variables that affect how much food plot acreage you need to improve diet quality for deer over the spring and summer. The bass fishing has been pretty tough recently, but Steve reports that while some fish can be caught shallow he believes the best way to catch good ones right now is reeling a crankbait just over brush piles. document.getElementById( "ak_js_26" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Replied on February 23, 2021 Santee Cooper water levels are at 74.55 in Lake Marion (full pool is 76.8) and around 74.68 in Lake Moultrie (full pool is 75.5). Never left with out at least 100 pounds of cat fish. Overall the fish should continue to roam the shallows for another three to four weeks as several more waves of fish come up and spawn. I know personally of a few boaters who go out on the lake with a 200 HP engine, so you should have no trouble with a 5 HP one. After a strong spawning wave last week, Captain Brett Mitchell (803-379-7029) reports that the bass are starting to get into a bit of a post-spawn lull. Went last weekend and the wind was crazy and it was 38 degrees, not good for kayak fishing. He has had the best luck drifting in 10-20 feet of water on cut herring, while Captain Brett Mitchell (803-379-7029) is concentrating more on the 15-20 foot range. Morning surface water temperatures are around 87-88 degrees. Again, its best to have a mix of cut baits including gizzard shad, American shad, river herring and blueback herring because fish have been showing different preferences on different days. document.getElementById( "ak_js_10" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Replied on August 23, 2021 Santee Cooper water levels are at 74.51 in Lake Marion (full pool is 76.8) and about 74.53 in Lake Moultrie (full pool is 75.5). After flirting with going back-to-back he ended up third overall. Lunkers are still in shallow, with a little spawning At the upper end of Santee theres also Sparkle Berry Swamp. I would be willing to try deeper waters in the lake but Im kind of hesitant on Lake Marion or Moultrie for not being seen by a boater. The upper lake has been fishing a bit better than the lower lake recently, and the best action has come 12-14 feet down over brush in 22-25 feet of water. This year Captain Brett Mitchell (803-379-7029) reports that the Elite Series pros hit Santee right, and he doesnt expect to see many dry live wells. Fish are generally 12-14 feet down over brush in 22-25 feet of water, with both jigs and minnows working for them. There were certain key backwaters and areas that seemed to hold more and bigger fish, but the true Holy Grail was to find a place that would replenish itself with one 20-plus-pound bag opportunity after another. document.getElementById( "ak_js_12" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); July is a very productive time on lake Marion the Catfish bite can be excellent in summer. Multiple species of fish are in spawning mode, with stripers, largemouth bass and crappie in their annual reproductive rituals. The Columbia full-service Licensing and Boat The bream catch is still at best sporadic, but Captain Stevie English reports that they are still catching some nice crappieeven though they are having to work for them. Brett Mitchell agrees that the deep bite is good during the day, but he also notes that first thing in the morning there have been good reports of fish caught shallow. Todays best setup was a 4oz. Cut herring are good for numbers while white perch will work to try for a bigger one. Join AHQ Premier for unlimited Free Shipping & access to the AHQ Report. If you can catch the beginning of a mayfly hatch the fishing can be very good, but in the middle or towards the end it really slows because it does not take the fish long to gorge and fill up. For now the lower lake is still mostly clear but muddy water is headed towards the system. If you fish very, very early you can also find a shad spawn around dawn in some places. Santee Cooper Country Bass Fishing with Inky Davis specializing in large mouth bass only check out this site for one of Santee Cooper lakes most famous Bass fishing guides. south carolina santee cooper By adbassfishing April 22, 2019 in Southeast Bass Fishing Followers Reply to this topic Start new topic 36 Posted April 22, 2019 I am planning on going to Santee this Friday for the first time in my boat. santee cooper bass Fishing Reports For up-to-date information, look up the fishing report for the water of your choice. The lower lake is still clear even as the upper lake is getting dirty, and morning surface water temperatures are about 47 degrees. Crickets are working for bluegill, while minnows are working for crappie. The Bassmaster Classic will be held at Lake Hartwell March 4 - 6. Morning surface water temperatures are still about 79 degrees. Santee-Cooper Fishing Seasons January The subtropical climate of South Carolina makes Santee Cooper the place to be for some fishing action. The bite seemed to die after the morning. The lakes are still clear and morning surface water temperatures are about 58. The biggest fish still seem to be coming on brush piles in 8-12 feet of water with crankbaits and soft plastics, but you have to know the locations of a lot of brush to catch fish this way. While they arent targeting them they are also picking up a fair number of big bream while fishing minnows on the same crappie brush, and so it may be time to start bream fishing! Come and fill your cooler with these delicious creatures! Most detailed Lake Hartwell We dont really catch alot but the memories made far outway the small stringers. Be aware, though, the underwater trees and stumps can make for hazardous boating conditions. Santee Cooper Lakes Fishing Reports | Santee Cooper Country Fishing Reports (803) 854-2131 December Fishing Report. This weekend will be a totally different situation, however, and with temperatures dropping into the mid-20s and 25 mile per hour winds out of the north he expects that many fish will abandon their beds. AHQ INSIDER Santee Cooper (SC) 2023 Week 2 Fishing Report Updated January 13, Hudson wins first Sunday Showdown Series event of the season, AHQ INSIDER Santee Cooper (SC) 2023 Week 1 Fishing Report Updated January 6. $14.99 . raysedgwick8@yahoo.com. Santee Cooper provided a challenge from the weather gods in the form of constant changes. While generally Captain Stevie English (843-709-8138) is fishing the same depth range and sometimes even deeper, he does add that at night there has been a shallow anchoring bite reported. Santee Cooper water levels are at 74.03 in Lake Marion (full pool is 76.8) and about 73.78 in Lake Moultrie (full pool is 75.5). Morning surface water temperatures are in the low 60s and while the mud is coming its still only dingy in the lakes. Even with water temperatures about to drop again on Santee, Captain Brett Mitchell (803-379-7029) reports bass should stay for a while in the creeks as temperatures are in the ideal range. For beginning trappers, it is vital to understand what a dog-proof trap consists of and how they work. This week the shallow morning bite at anchor has still been the best thing going, but during the day drifting 20-30 feet has turned on. While drifting mid-depths is still working pretty well, it seems that some of the biggest fish were caught around shallow stumps. As the month progresses and more bass start to guard fry, think topwaters, frogs and flukes to raise their ire and get them to strike. Skinneydippers, big easy, canethumpers, Flukes, and Drifting live bait and casting or trolling swimbaits will work. We use cookies on our website to give you the best shopping experience. All Rights Reserved. Fishing among the cypress trees and around lily pads is the key to catching shellcrackers like this one in the Santee swamps. They will be caught on jigging spoons, drop shots and jigs. 267 sold . For fish chasing bait flukes, Spooks, Pop-Rs, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits will all work. Water temperatures have not dropped enough to really change the bass fishing on the Santee Cooper lakes, but Captain Brett Mitchell (803-379-7029) reports that when temperatures drop another five degrees then you should be able to fish topwater baits all day long and not just in the mornings. The latest Santee Cooper Fishing Reports from Canal Lakes Fish Camp Fishing Reports Catfish: Catfish are moving into the upper and lower ends of the canal, cut bait, herring and gizzard shad are your best baits. The lakes boast a healthy number of Black and White Crappie, and theyre another fish that you can target year-round. Catfish: Captain William Attaway (803-924-0857) reports that January is another good month to catch big fish on Lake Monticello, although cold fronts and up-and-down weather can make the bite a little unpredictable. The co-state record largemouth bass was caught out of Lake Marion (16-2 caught in 1949), until 1993 the world record freshwater striped bass came from Santee Cooper (55 pounds), the state record white crappie came from Lake Moultrie (5-0 caught in 1957), and the state record shellcracker (5-7.5 caught in 1998) came from the Diversion Canal. Striper and hybrids: Guide Chip Hamilton (864-304-9011) reports that the January patterns should look fairly similar to those from December, and fish will still be in the same areas up the rivers where the bait is holding typically in 35-45 feet of water. This is a mega Catfish Stock Event at Santee Lakes. The more general pattern seems to be fishing with soft plastics like Trick Worms around trees, stumps and points. Santee Cooper water levels are at 74.29 in Lake Marion (full pool is 76.8) and around 75.19 in Lake Moultrie (full pool is 75.5) and the lakes are clear. Plenty of catfish in 40 to 55 foot of water as well as shallower flats and creeks in 20-25 ft. As we are between moon phases at the moment, Captain Stevie English (843-709-8138) reports that the shallow breambite is a little off but they are getting nice numbers of bluegills around brush on crickets. We think its about time someone broke the record! Santee Cooper water levels are at 73.71 in Lake Marion (full pool is 76.8) and about 72.64 in Lake Moultrie (full pool is 75.5). I hope you have a great time fishing the great Santee Cooper Lakes. August 23, 2022 guntersville crappie Fishing Report 2367 Saturday June 21 - Fishing today was great on the yellowtail. You cannot paste images directly. Wheres best to cast your line on Santee Cooper lakes? Or, stay onshore and hit up the Santee-Cooper Country Club for a round of golf, or just take in the wonders of the green forest against the contrast of the azure lake. Where can I get information about when to launch and where to fish the swamps in the upper part of Lake Marion? Jefferies Dam in 50' has also been productive. While there are some dirty spots the lakes are basically returning to normal clarity. The best action has been in creek-like areas. Water Tmp: 10.04.20. Aug 23, 2021. Bass: Guide Charles Townson (864-324-2065) reports that in the cold of January fish will be caught very deep on Lake Keowee. Copyright 1997-2023 The Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide LLC All rights reserved. Santee Cooper Bass: Captain Brett Mitchell (803-379-7029) reports that until the spring rolls around fish will be concentrating on shad, and in December that usually means looking for areas with current where the schools of bait are found. While he is still fishing soft plastics around trees right now, very soon fish should start to follow shad into the creeks and he will be getting on more of a shad bite. Another slow day at the islands coupled with a great catch from our code boat Liberty has resulted in us switching our run back to offshore fishing. If those arent working then Brett suggests looking a little deeper with Ned rigs and shakey heads in the same areas. Bream are moving in shallows setting up to spawn leading I probably caught 90 percent of the bass I weighed in during the week flipping soft plastics and 10 percent on the Compact spinner bait. He just called in with limits of Yellowtail, 7 Dorado and a handful of Bluefin for the morning. Keep in mind that bigger fish usually congregate in the deep waters, close to the lakes middle, so while you might not catch a trophy, you could still have a good time. The best bite will be in the middle of the day when the water is warmest. Conditions Report. Most detailed Lake Right now minnows are working better most days, but you should also have a chartreuse, straight-tail jig ready just in case. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. If you want to get out on Lake Marion, Summerton, Eutawville, and Santee itself have plenty in the way of comfortable accommodation, along with camping grounds. While the striped bass do not seem to be schooling right now on Santee Cooper, Captain Steve English (843-729-4044) reports that in the lower lake they have been catching a ton of fish deep. Our fishing Rain Jacket and Rain Pant should never leave the boat, and thats particularly true over the next handful of weeks, as April showers bring May flowers. It seems as if the majority of the fish are post-spawn. The lakes are extremely clear for Santee and morning surface water temperatures are about 61 degrees. As is often the case there are several different ways to catch catfish on Santee, and Captain Stevie English (843-709-8138) reports the best action he has found has been in very deep water from 25 out to 50 feet. Waste or Abuse to SC Inspector General | Hi Tobias. A mix of cut bait including gizzard shad and herring will work as well as chicken. 1000 Assembly Street, Columbia, SC 29201 He has had the best luck drifting in 10-20 feet of water on cut herring, although at night he is finding much better fishing out deep in 25-40 feet. Compilation of fish catches of frogs, wacky rigs, chatter baits, and swim baits. On Sept. 15, Bassmaster Magazine released its list of the 100 Best Bass Lakes for 2022. Thats whats made it one of the most storied destinations in the history of professional bass fishing. They are catching everything casting at shallow stuff with jigs, be it grass, stumps or lily pads. On the last trip they managed a couple of 40-pound fish, a 30-, and so on. If youre a semi-proficient sight fisherman, bring craws and creature baits for the fish you can see among the pads and cypress knees. Water temperatures are likely to drop as much as 10-15 degrees in the shallow lake with this hard freeze, and he expects bass to run out of the shallows like their houses are on fire. Base yourself out of Santee itself and you can enjoy anything from a camping adventure to a deluxe holiday. Herring, shad and mullet have all been working for his boat. Just 36 miles from the city, its a great place for you to escape the hustle and bustle and get back to nature. There are even some fish up on the banks looking for spawning locations, and so right now you can fish about any shallow pattern for crappie. Now that fall is near Captain Steve English (843-729-4044) is back after the crappie, and even though he has had a few good days there are also times when the fishing is slow. As we learned throughout this tournament (primarily from Brandon Palaniuks multi-faceted attack), its possible to catch spawning, pre-spawn and post-spawn fish at the same time, often in adjacent areas. Bouncing a crankbait that dives 6-8 feet off the bottom around stumps is an excellent pattern, and small swimbaits and spinnerbaits will also catch fish. Herring, shad and mullet have all been working for his boat. Most The bluegill are also still piled up on the same brush, and they are catching some really nice bream on crickets. Sonny's blood bait and Murrells stink bait are your best baits. If anything it has picked up in the past week. Catfish: Santee Cooper Lakes Hwy 45 (on the Diversion Canal) 139 Canal Landing Road, Cross, SC 29436 Open 5:30 AM 843-753-2271 Santee-Cooper Fishing Report - FishingBooker Great savings on Santee-Cooper, United States fishing charters. Clear editor. document.getElementById( "ak_js_9" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Is fishing off the docks for bass good in summer? In the lakes, drifting across clay &mussel shell Camping is popular for families, with plenty opting to go hunting or for a round of golf. He is fishing soft plastics in and around spawning coves, and pitching baits at shallow structure. Boat has a full enclosure to stay warm. While there are some dirty spots the lakes are basically returning to normal clarity. Long before the first turkey gobbles or the barred owl hoots, the pre-dawn spring air rings with the iconic call of a night bird, repeatedly chanting its name, whip-poor-will, whip-poor-will. Morning surface water temperatures are around 73 degrees. Shop by brand or reel type. document.getElementById( "ak_js_29" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Replied on October 28, 2020 Read now. The fish are shallow on beds, and spawning activity peaks on the new and full moons. Fish as close to the bottom as possible for the bigger fish as the water temp gets lower. Late last week anglers first noted that bucks were moving up, and then Friday and Saturday some big females came up. Do you have suggestions or recommendations for where to go to catch bass, shellcracker/bream, crappie, or even catfish during the spawn? Let's hear from you guys about this area or elsewhere, it's Bass fishing in the greatest season of the year! 267 sold . One fish reigns supreme in the Santee Cooper lakes, and that's Catfish. . The best bite will be in the middle of the day when the water is warmest. Its a good idea to have both. Brett concurs that the bite has been strong this week, with early anchoring and then daytime drifting working the best. He has found the best action 14-18 feet down over 25-35 feet of water. Caught some nice size black crappies to. 843-753-2271 Perhaps the most exciting thing going on Santee right now is the striped bass bite in the canal, and drifting blueback herring over the rocks has been dynamite. This time of year, the Santee Cooper lakes are a great choice for Crappie long line trolling. They provide a home to various fish species, especially Catfish. And the Dogwood trees are in bloom, as my Daddy said, it's the sign that fish are on the beds. If youre a keen boater, then theres nothing stopping you from renting a boat or bringing your own vessel. Herring is his bait of choice. Santee Cooper water levels are at 74.54 in Lake Marion (full pool is 76.8) and about 74.26 in Lake Moultrie (full pool is 75.5). document.getElementById( "ak_js_30" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Typo in opening sentence inlcuding. Santee Cooper water levels are at 74.12 in Lake Marion (full pool is 76.8) and 75.09 in Lake Moultrie (full pool is 75.5) and the lakes are clear. All I can say is that we had fun and enjoyed ourselves Im sure you will too, Watch the weather closely. Santee Cooper water levels are at 74.08 in Lake Marion (full pool is 76.8) and about 73.96 in Lake Moultrie (full pool is 75.5). They are still getting a lot of pull-downs but the fish wont commit as well. The fish are tearing up river herring right now. document.getElementById( "ak_js_21" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Replied on February 22, 2021 To launch or where guys go to long line troll? A large number of crappie are spawning on Santee, but Captain Steve English (843-729-4044) reports that certainly not all of them are. Thankfully, the fish in Santee Cooper werent too affected, unlike the saltwater species off the coast! Growing to larger-than-usual sizes, youll need to make sure youve got a dish big enough to cook up this popular Panfish at the end of the day. Live bait and jigging spoons are both working. How are creel limits counted on a private boat with more than one licensed fisherman? Gizzard shad and white perch are hard to beat for the bigger fish. It should have happened a few weeks ago, but the fish are just now starting to feed well in the canal. Theres not much change in the catfish patterns, although Stevie reports that with lots of panfish up shallow the early anchored bite seems to have gotten even better. They will take minnows fished around deeper schools of bait. When it comes to licenses, only people over 16 who will be fishing need to have a fishing license. There is also still a good anchored bite early and then a good deeper drift in 25-40 feet of water. fci aliceville famous inmates,
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